How To Create Fantastic Holiday Outfits With What’s Already In Your Closet

How To Create Fantastic Holiday Outfits

With What’s Already In Your Closet

The holidays can be a source of stress in many ways – with the pressure of finding the perfect gifts, working hard to finish the year on a strong note and getting ready to welcome next year with a fresh start. With so much going on, there is no reason your wardrobe should be contributing to the stress (or depleting your finances for that matter) during this already high-strung time of year.

To give you a head start, check out some great outfit ideas that you can pull together for your next Holiday Party or Get-Together – based on items that most likely already live in your closet. All you need are some finishing touches (think glittery nail polish, eye shadow & red lipstick), and you’ll be lighting up the party in no time! And honestly, who doesn’t love saving some money?

Items to play with:

  • Chambray Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • White Button-Down
  • Suit Blazer
  • Camisole Top
  • Skinny Dark Jeans
  • Your Favorite Pumps
  • Shift Dress
  • Statement Piece of Jewelry (Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings)

Additionally, you’ll need: Festive makeup (Red Lipstick, Glittery Nail Polish, Shimmery Eye Shadow).

Office Potluck/ Company Christmas Party:

OUTFIT FORMULA: Chambray Shirt + Black Pants + Statement Necklace + Glittery Nail Polish + Your Favorite Pumps

Wear the shirt tucked in or tied at the waist to create an hourglass figure definition. Your statement necklace and glittery makeup and polish will give this otherwise simple outfit holiday power.

Friends Get-Together (that you might bring your date to):

OUTFIT FORMULA: Black Pants + Camisole Top + Your Favorite Pumps + Statement Earrings + Red Lipstick

The camisole top is revealing and sexy, playing up your curves in a demure way. Pairing the outfit with earrings instead of a necklace will make the top feel even more festive, drawing attention to your neck and face. Don’t forget a touch of red lipstick to put you in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Drinks With Clients:

OUTFIT FORMULA: Shift Dress + Suit Blazer + Statement Bracelet + Your Favorite Pumps + Glittery Nail Polish

Keeping your shift dress partially covered with a blazer will give it a more sophisticated feel, drawing attention to your arms with a bangle bracelet and glittery polish will add a nice touch of glamour to your look.

Family Get-Together:

OUTFIT FORMULA: White Button-Down + Camisole Top + Skinny Dark Jeans + Shimmery Eye Shadow + Your Favorite Pumps + Statement Necklace

Roll-up the sleeves on your shirt and leave it open so that your camisole top can show through – this way you’ll also have several hemlines at your disposal to create the proper proportions. The statement necklace and shimmery eye shadow will link together to create the relaxed polished feel, and you can still stay comfortable but fashionable even when hanging out with your closest relatives.

Hot Holiday Date:

OUTFIT FORMULA: Dark Skinny Jeans + Camisole Top + Suit Blazer + Shimmery Eye shadow + Statement Earrings + Your Favorite Pumps + Red Lipstick

Date outfits around the holidays definitely call for some added feminine glamour. Your skinny jeans always make you look comfortable yet… well…skinny, right? So why not pair them with a sexy cami & polish the outfit off with your well-fitted blazer. Opt for heels over flats to make you feel more confident, and red lips will create contrast with your teeth, making them appear even more dazzling as you’ll be smiling at your date all the way through your fun holiday-inspired night!

Dina Scherer

Dina Scherer is a Certified NYC Image & Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper, and owner of Modnitsa Styling. Over the past 9 years she's been helping women define & polish their authentic style & build a wardrobe that makes them feel confident every day.

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