The Crave List: Female Founded Products We Want

The Crave List:

Female Founded Products We Want

Welcome to our new feature here at Swaay The Gal Guide, your ultimate destination for everything female founded or designed. We’ve handpicked our favorite products from female entrepreneurs and over the coming months will introduce you to them in themed bi-weekly segments.

We’re celebrating innovation and intellectual femininity while also highlighting just how cool these products are and how these entrepreneurs have managed to tap into a niche market. Our gal guide will recognise an effeminate tenacity and drive that has gone unnoticed and under appreciated for decades, and hopes to highlight the merits of the entrepreneurial story as well as the product itself!

We hope you enjoy!

Daily Dress Me

It’s that time of year again, when every day the weather changes – from nippy, to wet, to freezing overnight. Daily Dress Me, created by techie, Nina Vir, tells you what to wear based on your location and the conditions there. Each month, the app makes over 1million outfit recommendations for both men and women. Never be caught without your raincoat or leather jacket again!

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Money on Honey

According to founder, Michelle Crochet, being a woman in the chocolate industry has been her main source of differentiation. Chow down on these natural (and pure wildflower) honey caramels over the gastro-winter season and don’t feel guilty; they have none of the artificial syrups commonly found in our favorite sugary delights. Even sweeter? A portion of all profits made goes back to benefit the bees producing the brand’s unique flavor- a truly feel-good treat.

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Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Made from organic sea kelp extract and essential oils, Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid sea salt spray, the brain child of flower child, Jana Blankenship, has fast emerged as a cult favorite of chic girls everywhere. Catering to the ladies who need a really quick fix on a rainy day commute, this will give you the perfect tousled look. 

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Orsden Ski Jacket

If you’re a skier or even just an aprés-ski party goer, you’ll know neon chic has been dominating the slopes since the turn of the millennium. Sara Segall however has taken her line of refined ski gear to task with a more minimalistic a sleek look, angling against the raging pink and green neon madness in look and price. Orsden ski jackets retail for 330$, so you won’t be broke before hitting the Alps, Andies or Aspen.

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Health-Ade Kombucha

Fighting the eternal enemy that is winter is a never-ending (and gross) fight, but there are products that can be used to stop the phlegmy outlook during the cold season or the red-nosed, not-so-chic boardroom look many will be rocking this season. Kombutcha — especially its new ginger flavor — promises  to help stave off those nasty flu-like symptoms and keep your body up to scratch my combining a plethora of health-nut nutrients and immune boosters that will have you wondering why it doesn’t taste like grass and instead tastes delicious.

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Million Dollar Women by Julia Pimsleur

This female-specific entrepreneur’s how to manual is a must-have coming into a new year full of prospective ventures. Pimsleur’s writing is as realistic as it is direct and she never shies from revealing an ugly but essential truth. ’The good news for women is that increasing numbers of VCs would rather see a woman pitch than yet another 23-year-old Stanford guy in a hoodie. Still, the numbers show that those same VCs are still more likely to invest in the guy in the hoodie.” Read on to find out how to reverse this trend.

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BELOFORTE Activewear

BELOFORTE founders Whitney Quaresma and Kevin Dorey shared a vision in building a brand that would creatively inspire people while affecting positive change in the local and global community through sustainable practices. The BELOFORTE line is not only super cute, but it also helps women stay motivated throughout their fitness goals.

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Sawako Glitter Helmet

A favorite brand of one Pippa Middleton, and spotted on wonder woman Renee Zellweger filming the latest Bridget Jones, Sawako was founded by Sawaka Furuno, a lady who noticed a gap in the the bike wear market for stylish and safe headgear when living in England. Having exploited that niche, she is now producing stylised wonders like this glitter bomb, and we’re obsessed.

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Amy Corcoran

Head of Content at SWAAY: Amy is an Irish writer, avid foodie and feminist with an insatiable appetite for novels and empowering women's writing. She has enjoyed calling Dublin, Paris and now New York her home.

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