8/25 — This Week in Women: Reputations

8/25 — This Week in Women:


It’s all about reputations… and way beyond the announcement of Taylor Swift’s new album. These five women stood up, talked out and highlighted significant issues from assault to bullying, to make our list of headliners this week.

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump

Following a number of tweets and an article in The Daily Caller, that critique President Trump’s 11-year-old son and his fashion choices, Clinton took action to defend the youngest Trump with this tweet: “It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves.” Clinton references the headline of The Daily Caller’s article, “It’s High Time Barron Starts Dressing Like He’s In The White House.”

The article criticizes Trump for wearing casual t-shirts and khaki shorts on flights, right down to his hair, whilst the first lady and president appear in their formal attire. In response to Clinton’s tweet, Melania Trump thanked Clinton for her support, with a tweet of her own, supporting the larger message to end bullying: “Thank you @ChelsaClinton – so important to support all of our children in being themselves! #StopChildhoodBullying.”

Chelsea Clinton. Photo courtesy of Youngcons
Taylor Swift announces her newest album

After spending the last month in the spotlight for her sexual assault case, ultimately, winning over the defense, Swift jumped into the headlines again, with the announcement of her new album. It’s been almost three years since Swift’s last album, 1989, was released, so to reward fans for the wait, not only did the pop star gift her fans with the news of the new album, ‘Reputation,’ but she also accompanied the news with her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do;” all in one week.

The moody pop beat reflects a new persona and style to Swift and her music, which she has been hinting at for the past year, and most recently with clearing her social media last week. Reputation is slated for full release on November 10.

Jerhonda Pace. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed
Jerhonda Pace discusses her sexual relationship with R Kelly

Nine years after Pace first became involved with R Kelly, the 24-year-old is opening up about the “traumatic” relationship she experienced with the rapper; providing a narrative to Kelly’s notorious reputation for silencing the women he assaulted. Pace told BuzzFeed News that it began as a super fan relationship, cutting school to attend shows, before eventually meeting him, when he allegedly solicited Pace for child pornography. Pace says this relationship isn’t the only one Kelly was, or is, involved in and that he “mentally and physically abuses the women closest to him.” Buzzfeed News reports that Pace is the fourth woman to come forward with these allegations. In coming forward, Buzzfeed News attributes Pace saying that she is breaking the former non-disclosure agreement they had, as a result of the concern she has regarding Kelly’s abusive “cult,” in order to help other women out of the situation. Pace says, “I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him. He’s brainwashed them really bad.”

Patty Jenkins fires back

After “Avatar” director, James Cameron criticized “Wonder Woman” for being “a step backwards,” the female-led movie’s director had a message of her own to fire back. Jenkins posted a note to Twitter, in order to skirt the 140-character limit, and to properly respond to Cameron’s criticism. Jenkins started the note, saying, “James Cameron’s inability to understand what Wonder Woman is, or stands for, to women all over the world is unsurprising as, though, he is a great filmmaker, he is not a woman.” Jenkins continued, recognizing Cameron’s praise of her film Monster, before highlighting the importance of the film and that, “strong women are great.” Jenkins reiterated the significance of Hollywood portraying different female-lead roles, rather than just the victim or survivor by concluding, “I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters should be. There is no right and wrong kind of powerful woman. And the massive female audience who made the film a hit is, can surely choose and judge their own icons of progress.”

Patty Jenkins
Louise Linton apologizes for “insensitive” Instagram post

This week, the wife of Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, posted a photograph on Instagram, showing her exiting a government official plane with her husband, as part of a trip to Kentucky for government meetings. Users didn’t appreciate the context of her post, commenting on the poverty that surrounds Kentucky and her “bragging” rather than helping the community. Instagrammer Jenni Miller sparked most attention around Linton’s post with her comment, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable”. Linton replied with, “@jennimiller29 cute! Aw!!! Did you think this was a personal trip?! Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! Lololol.” This response brought more feedback to Linton’s original post, which consequentially led Linton to remove the image. She has since apologized for her “inappropriate” and “insensitive” comments, with a spokesperson from the Treasury department also noting that, “The Mnuchins are reimbursing the government for her travel, and she does not receive compensation for products she mentions.”

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