7 Superfood Companies Making Tasty, Guilt-Free Snacks

7 Superfood Companies

Making Tasty, Guilt-Free Snacks

Just because they call out gluten free or “superfoods,” does not mean that you must sacrifice taste. These female founded food companies will delight your taste buds and you won’t believe how clean, delicious and nutritious they are for you. Below are 7 food finds to satisfy your sweet or savory tooth and you won’t miss the calories, sugar nor fillers of their alternatives.

Jillz Gluten Free Crackers

Crackers….we all do it.  Open up a box and it can be dangerous. Having been raised on the S.A.D. Diet (Standard American Diet), Jill Morris struggled with weight gain and health risks such as obesity, diabetes and heart issues at a young age. Despite many efforts to exercise, she still felt “chunky” and had some intolerances to food.  . From modest beginnings in her home kitchen, Jill decided to create her own nutritious and delicious cracker recipe free of soy, corn, dairy, sugar, grain, and fillers. Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz was born and quickly transformed into a healthful snack now sold nationwide. Paleo, vegan and low in calories, these crackers are available in 3 flavors and are the best tasting crackers on the market.




Nut butters tend to be peanut or almond focused, but NuttZo is a 100% organic 7 Nut and Seed Butter that is gluten-free, non-GMO, high in Omega-3 ALAs and protein, has only 1 gram of sugar, and get this, even has a Chocolate Flavor!  You can spread this on toast, top it on fruit or smoothies or eat it my favorite way, right out of the jar.  The best part is that NuttZo was invented by a mother who adopted 2 nutrient deficient boys from the Ukraine.  Inspired by her experiences, Livolsi founded ProjectLeftBehind.org which helps orphans around the world. Flavors include Peanut Pro, Power Fuel and Chocolate NuttZo. Their portable NuttZo 2 Go packets are great for pre-workout, travel and kids lunches.

Purely Elizabeth

If you like to crunch and munch (that’s me!), you’re likely into granola.  Granola was one of my cravings through pregnancies and it’s since been a staple in my diet.  The problem? So many granolas (again!) are loaded with sugar, fillers, lack nutrients and what you feel is one serving, is truly a bucket load of empty calories. Elizabeth Stein from Purely Elizabeth sought to recreate this crunch and munch experience using superfoods like quinoa, chia seeds, coconut oil, and coconut sugar as a sweetener.  Certified gluten free, organic, non-GMO and free of any artificial ingredients, this probiotic grain-free granola that comes in flavors ranging from Chocolate Sea Salt to Blueberry Hemp is made with love and tastes like perfection.

Flap Jacked

If you had to feed 5 kids every day, and wanted them to have nutritious food, what would you give them?  Just ask Co-Founder and Mother of 5, Jennifer Bacon, who together with her husband and Co-Founder parent what she calls “a melting pot full of challenges.”  Their son Jett has epilepsy, their son Jace has autism, they have a set of twin girls and one very active non-stop little boy.  FlapJacked Protein Pancakes was the solution and common ground for great tasting, nutritionally balanced and delicious pancakes that are as easy to make as: “Just Add Water.” From Buttermilk to Banana Hazelnut and Carrot Spice, you’ll be shocked at how filling these gluten free, low calorie, low sugar and high protein pancakes are.  I love them and the true test?  So did my kids.

Health-ade Kombucha

And to quench your thirst, Kombucha is one one of my daily staples but not all are created equal.  Two of the three Co-Founders Daina Trout and Vanessa Dew, created Health-ade Kombucha from an experiment that combined a passion for fermented food with a solution that was helping hair loss.  The result was something that tasted delicious!  Health-ade Kombucha is a 100% natural probiotic fermented tea made with organic acids that is good for your gut and just makes you feel good.  It’s crafted in small batches, contains the best ingredients and is low in sugar.  With Flavors that include Pink Lady Apple, Ginger Lemon and Pomegranate, this refreshing “booch” keeps the tummy healthy and offers a natural energy boost.  

Essentially Coconut

Coconut Oil is multi-faceted.  I use it for my hair, my skin and for cooking.  But have you ever tried coconut butter?  If not, get on this coco-train asap!  Essentially Coconut was founded by a single mom, Sophia Gartland after she learned about the health benefits of coconut (specifically, medium chained fatty acids), all while living in the Carribean. Her interest in Coconut led her to be one of the first to make what is now a fairly popular trend in health and wellness. While she offers a few nut varieties such as coconut honey pecan and coconut cashew, her original coconut butter is dessert in itself.  Pair it with a cup of tea or top fruit and yogurt with it.

Elemental Superfood

Not all bars are created equal. I’ve tried so many of them and the truth is that most energy or protein bars are flat out sugar bombs that won’t satisfy you and in fact, trigger you to want to eat more sugar.  Nicole Anderson created Elemental Superfood because of her daughter’s diagnosis of autism, alongside allergies to wheat, dairy and sugar.  After seeing dramatic changes in the health of her daughter as a result of clean ingredients, Nicole was driven to bring her bars and crumble to the market. Organic, raw, and gluten free, these bars are high in protein and fiber and sweetened with the highest quality raw honey.  They’re perfect for on the go and truly offer sustainable energy.  I love the tasty crumbles for topping my smoothie bowls.

Elisette Carlson

Prior to founding SMACK! Media in 2009, Elisette Carlson was the Director of Marketing at Zoot Sports, a global leader in multi-sports products. Elisette’s passion for sports marketing started at a young age while assisting her father with World Cup soccer events and athletes. A graduate of Princeton University, Elisette was named NCAA First Team All- American and All-Ivy League in Women’s Rowing. As a National Champion coxswain for 2 countries, her competitive drive and determination molded her into a leader and motivator.

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  1. I’m so happy to see all of these and looking forward to trying some I haven’t!
    So proud of Sophia Gartland! She’s an outstanding woman, mother & friend!

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