7 Companies That Are Shedding The Shame Around Periods

7 Companies That Are Shedding 

The Shame Around Periods

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The body positive movement is now becoming a mainstream cultural development, which is revolutionizing body image for women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there’s still one aspect of women’s bodies that’s highly stigmatized and silenced in almost all aspects of society—menstruation. Menstrual periods remain taboo, with even the mere mention of the subject often sending folks into a frenzy.

However, the tide (or flow in this case) is starting to shift in a positive direction, thanks to the many women out there who are creating a paradigm, through their entrepreneurship. Companies that are looking to shed the shame around periods have been popping up everywhere and making a lot of waves in the health and wellness industries. Not only are they addressing the need to change how we think and talk about menstruation as a society, but are creating products that offer a refreshing change of pace from blase tampons and pads in yellow wrapping that have been the only option on the market, up until this point.

Let’s take a look at a few of these companies and entrepreneurs, who are empowering women with innovative, fun, environmentally friendly, healthy, charitable, and aesthetically pleasing menstrual products.

1. Thinx

One of the most annoying aspects of getting your period can be the underwear situation- you have to worry about stains, pads sliding out of place, and the discomfort that can arise. That problem is what Thinx seeks to solve with their revolutionary underwear that are designed to be able to be worn by themselves during your period. They’re leak resistant and created with 4-layers of absorbent fabric, which is specially designed to give you maximum comfort and ease during that time of the month- no more having to use pads or tampons! The company was started with the mission of empowerment at the forefront, as founder Miki Agrawal dealt with the frustration of period accidents for her entire life. Plus, she wanted to help girls in the developing world who didn’t have access to menstrual hygiene products- who can argue with that?

Speaking of helping women and girls who don’t have access to menstrual products, it’s not a problem that solely exists in the developing world; in fact, this sobering reality is at the heart of Aunt Flow’s mission, as they have a one-for-one model that gives to a person in need for every purchase. The idea for the company was spared by the 20-year-old CEO (yes, you read that correctly) Claire Coder, who was at a Startup Weekend event and got her period. She realized that for many women, going to the store to buy tampons when they needed it wasn’t an option and Coder was inspired to make a chance. After dropping out of college, taking on three waitressing jobs, and building her company during the rest of her waking hours, Coder has made a name for herself in the tech, entrepreneur, and wellness industries.

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This company also employs a one-for-one model, only instead of selling tampons, Ruby Cup is in the business of selling menstrual cups. However, this act of charity is not the only way that Ruby Cup is seeking to revolutionize periods, as they are also making products that are better for your body, the environment, and your wallet. Their mission is deeply aligned with creating gender equity through acknowledging the importance of addressing menstrual concerns, rather than dismissing it. Since 20 percent of girls report missing school due to some kind of period-related issue, they work with a local organization in East Africa that support education for girls to disseminate their reusable, leak-resistant cups.

 5. Le Parcel

Ever wish you could order pads like you order pad thai on Seamless? Well, now you can, thanks to Le Parcel and Monthly Gift’s tampon subscription box. By paying $12 a month, you get a selection of 18 tampons, chocolate, and fun gifts each month, delivered directly to your door. Finally, no more emergency trips to the drug store!

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Fast-friends Jordanna and Alex originally bonded over the lack of organic, chemical-free tampons on the market, back in the summer of 2014. Fast forward three and a half years later and they’ve created a company that offers exactly this.

Not only do they create tampons made without toxins, dyes, or synthetics, but they also offer a subscription-style service that allows you to get your choice of tampons or pads delivered to your door each month. They also just created a new product line called Cramp Care that addresses the causes of menstrual cramps through a daily supplement and essential oil blend, taking period positivity to the next level.

You’ve probably heard of Jessica Alba’s billion-dollar Honest Company, but their period products are a lesser-known specialty of the brand. Their pads, tampons, and liners use GOTS certified organic cotton, are without any synthetics, fragrances, or dyes, and have cute packaging that will make you proud to pull one out of your purse. Plus, their tampons are made with a unique, plant-based applicator that you won’t find anywhere else, which also make these products environmentally friendly.

7. Be Girl

This line of reusable period underwear and liners really do it all: they support women and girls with their mission, create products that are eco-friendly, and have developed technologies that allow their pads to be comfortable and practical. The brand was created as a way to respond to the lack of menstrual products that are cost-effective, designed well, and that perform the way they should. How does it work? You simply insert a protecting agent of your choice (toilet paper, liners, or even a towel) into their underwear that comes with an insert for a pad, which assures for maximum comfort. Instead of having to use an adhesive to get your pad to stick, why not wear underwear that is designed for your period?

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