5 Ways to Create Powerful Videos to Build Customer Trust and Relationships

5 Ways to Create Powerful Videos

To Build Customer Trust and Relationships

Video marketing has fast become an essential method of customer-friendly promotion for small businesses looking to build trust and a closer connection with their target audience. Customers love online videos because they are packed with information and are easier to digest than an instruction manual or block of text. Meanwhile, businesses find videos are a great way to build their customers’ trust in their brand and services. Of course, you and I both know the more comfortable your target audience is with you, the more likely they’ll be at ease and ready to pay for your services, and that makes online business videos a win-win for everyone.

There is more depth to modern video marketing than traditional advertisements, though. Video is one of the strongest ways to build customer trust, not only for your products but also for your brand and business as a whole. Online users prefer to watch and share content they feel to be genuine, informative and truly interesting.

Here are five different ways I’ve outlined that you could be nurturing trust for your business through the use of videos.


Behind-the-scenes or “how-it’s-made” videos

There is no better way to get to know someone than a face to face conversation, but a video recording is the next best thing. Videos that go behind the scenes of a business, such as “how-it’s-made” or “day-in-the-life” videos, let the customer observe the business’s daily processes and meet the staff members providing these services, helping to build trust in your brand. Putting a face to the name by introducing your key team members is also a great way of showing honesty and openness to your customers.


Product or service demonstrations

Video demonstrations explain the features of what you’re selling and enable customers to have a closer look at your services. This is incredibly helpful at convincing customers to feel comfortable when making a purchase from you. Even more powerful, I’ve seen surprisingly heartfelt service videos where they talk about the reason they’re offering the service, touching on the emotional positive impact using the service can have.

If you’re selling a product, you may want to film a demonstration of how to set up the product and get it working, or show off the features and benefits your product provides. If you’re offering a service, you could film a typical day at your business, or you could film a before-and-after look at the results of your services.


Customer reviews and testimonials

Social proof is one of the strongest ways to get new customers on board with your business. It’s the “Holy Grail” of marketing through brand credibility. Creating short videos that highlight a word-of-mouth endorsement from your existing customers are extremely effective. Hearing and seeing other customers give positive feedback to your business builds trust in your services and will make your customers feel more comfortable doing business with you. I know that personally, I’ve been influenced to making a purchase by reading positive reviews of a product, or hearing from someone on how a service changed their life and business. They are truly powerful. Just make sure to use reviews and testimonials that best align with your target market.


Inform, Educate, and Empower

I’m not just talking about tutorials. It can be more than that. Yes, everyone is hungry for knowledge, but as an expert and influencer you have the unique opportunity to provide true insight into topics that can have a profound effect on the daily lives of customers and potential customers. One of my favorite ways to inform and educate is by answering the most important questions you are asked about your business, or should be asked. 

My next favorite videos to create are challenge or empowerment videos. When you empower your customers, it goes a long way in building a deeper trust. You help them to do something they thought they couldn’t do, and allowing them to reach a goal. One of the most powerful things about video is the ability to challenge and empower people through learning and inspiring action.


Regularly express appreciation

There are many reasons to connect with your clients, but the most rewarding is the simple act of expressing your appreciation. These are perfect for nurturing your relationship with your customers, and I believe they are the unsung hero and a perfect addition to your keep-in-touch campaign. Aside from common occasions to say “Thank you, you’re great!”, such as an anniversary date when they became your customer, holidays and observances + appreciation messages are a match made in heaven.  Appreciation videos are short and sweet, and usually under 30 seconds. Let me give you a few starter examples to building an appreciation message around occasions you would not normally think about using:

Valentine’s Day – “We sincerely love the relationship we’ve built with you.”

St. Patrick’s Day – “How did we get so lucky having you as a customer?”

Summer – “With the temperatures heating up outside, you are still one of our coolest customers.”

Anyway, you get the idea. There is no shortage of ways to put an appreciation spin on a holiday, observance, or seasonal change, so let your imagination go wild. Use every opportunity at your disposal to give your customers a big “Thank you!”

Using videos as a way to communicate your message is one of the most powerful ways videos can benefit your business. Remember, your goal is to show potential customers why they should feel comfortable paying for your services, and existing customers that you truly value your relationship with them.

Andrea Kalli

Andrea Kalli at http://www.virtualassist.net/ has been featured in PRNewsonline, Bulldog Reporter, Lioness Magazine and more, and has been supporting businesses with marketing since 2005, and in 2014 dedicated her focus to putting video as the forefront of her services.

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