4 Reasons To Create A Social Media Presence For Your Business

4 Reasons To Create

A Social Media Presence

For Your Business

Let’s face it; this and probably every age hereafter will be an age of technology. There is no getting away from it. Everywhere you look, there are at least 3 people glued to their phones and one staring intently at a tablet or laptop. In history, the closest thing to come to this level of consumerism has been television. Even that is being left in the dust with high speed internet and it’s capabilities to stream live TV.

There really has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because your audience is as captive as they can get. So why not take advantage of our society’s fascination with information at our fingertips and instant gratification? Establishing an online presence for your company or product can do wonders for your business and here’s why:


It Can Save You Money

Every business owner, especially the entrepreneur, is carefully looking for ways to keep themselves in the black. There are a number of companies out there that have popped up to capitalize on the social media movement and some of them are even out to help you save a buck. For example Pricing Engine is committed to providing many web marketing needs in one simple package. They have services to help you track your ad’s performance and also offer customizing options to determine where your campaign might need improvement.

LocalVox is focused on local businesses and getting them the exposure they need to do well in today’s market.


Social Media Can Create Trust Between You and the Customer

According to Steve Minks, writing for business2community.com, points out that providing helpful links for customers about things related to your business or not will keep them interested and engaged making them more likely to revisit your page.

If you are trying to promote your lawn care services and post interesting and informative articles on how consumers can prepare their lawns for the winter or get rid of crab grass, they will be more likely to keep checking on your page than if you posted pictures of rainbow ponies and links to off-color adventure stories. That example is a little far-fetched, but you get the idea. Your personal Facebook page should stay personal and any pages you have for your business should reflect what you want your company to be about.

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Increased Accessibility is Priceless

Just being somewhere online in the first place is enough to start spreading word about your company and what you can do for people. As long as consumers have an electronic device on them at some point in the day, you’re accessible to them. According to Kadie Regan, writing for socialmediatoday.com, in the past year 176 million more users began frequenting social media and Facebook alone saw more than 6 new profiles every second. Whoa, that is a lot of people. Can you imagine how many potential customers you might miss out on if your business wasn’t online for everyone to find?

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it” – Erik Qualman


Communication is Everything When it Comes to Business Success

Another fact we all know is that people talk – I mean, leave a comment or post. Giving your business an online platform can make your entrepreneurial presence explode when people review your products or services, leave comments for you, or tell their friends about you. A lot of business is found through word of mouth – more than you might think. Today’s “word of mouth” extends to include typing on a social media page. All you need is for one person to post a comment or share something from your page and you’re automatically visible to most (if not all) of their friends. Now there’s some instant gratification for you and your business.

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Social Media is There to Help (and Provide Hours of Procrastination)

Most of us are guilty of spending lots of time checking in on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other interesting albeit time-consuming sites every day, but who can blame us? We’re so used to “interacting” with people and our surroundings through our favorite devices that it’s become second nature for many consumers. Why not make the most of this amazing resource and create a page to let your entrepreneurial efforts shine?

I was out for less than an hour the other day and I counted 56 people looking at their phones. The potential for a rapidly increasing customer base is out there, you just have to join in and give your product or business a fighting chance in this age of technology.

Iman Oubou

Aside from being the founder and Editor-In-Chief of SWAAY Media, Iman is also Miss New York US, a philanthropist, a champion of Women Entrepreneurs, a Scientist and a Fashionista. She is the host of the popular podcast Entrepreneurs En Vogue, powered by SWAAY.

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