10 New York City Bars To Take Yourself Out Tonight

10 New York City Bars To Take 

Yourself Out Tonight

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Being single in NYC isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, especially on Valentine’s Day. We aren’t all living out our Carrie Bradshaw dreams. Singles are (unfortunately) limited to spending nights inside binging shows and ordering take-out, and there’s a weird stigma about taking yourself out for a solo night on the town. So in order to change that and soothe our single sorrows, we compiled a list of places where it’s not just socially acceptable, but fun to go alone. If you want a chill evening with a glass wine or a wild night out, there are so many places to choose from in the city. From cocktail bars to beer taverns, we have you covered.

The Swift. Photo Courtesy of New York Times
1. The Swift 

Apart from the fact that the bartenders here are all Irish and not sore on the eyes, this is one of the best pubs in Soho. If you’re going stag, sit at the bar with your glass of their (really quite decent wine), and lounge in the ambiance of the fashionable crowd. Catering to their neighbors, the wine selection is much better than your typical Irish pub. Polish off the night with one of their delicious Irish coffees and forget all your troubles. Who knows who you might spot at the other end of the bar.

Somm Time. Photo Courtesy of Somm Time
2. Somm Time 

Have you ever felt like a wine bar could be your living room, but with wine? Well, this is that kind of place. Nestled in between a few larger, rowdier pubs, Somm Time serves as a break from the big 2nd ave crowds and TV screens with the friendliest and very knowledgeable bartenders. If you’re a novice in Italian reds or full-bodied Burgundys, take a trip here and become enlightened. There’s no shame in solo drinking once you’re learning something.

Fiddlesticks. Photo Courtesy of Fiddlesticks
3. Fiddlesticks 

This is for the lady who leaves the house solo but has no intention of coming back alone. Fiddlesticks is a veritable hotbed of testosterone fused with cheesy chart music. Take a seat at the rowdy bar and indulge in one too many vodka sodas while ogling the talent across the way. The circular bar allows for prime people gazing (or hunting), whatever you want to call it and there’s never a shortage of people huddled around . As the night goes on, hit the dance floor and let it loose ladies. 

Maison Premiere. Photo Courtesy of restaurantgirl
4. Maison Premiere 

If you’re having a bad day, feeling a little sad, there is one word that will cure you: martini. Gin, vodka, dry, dirty, up, rocks, twist, olive, however you want it, take control of your evening with the quintessential single-gal drink. Maison Premiere is one of the best places (if not the best), in New York for a martini, and so perfect if you live in Brooklyn, as you won’t have far to fall home. Our perfect recipe: Ketel One up, dirty, shaken well, with extra olives, because yes, we are just a little extra on Vday.  

Art Bar. Photo Courtesy of Art Bar
5. Art Bar

The universality of Art Bar, a West Village staple, draws in all kinds of people from local hipsters to large groups of friends. If you are looking to socialize, grab a seat in the front, where there are booths splayed in front of a lively, loud bar. If you want to lounge about and unwind after a long day, head to the back behind the velvet curtains and melt into one of the many vintage couches which rest underneath some astounding paintings. They always have a seasonal cocktail selection which is always yummy, and the prices are pretty good.

The Growler. Photo Courtesy of LocalBozo
6. The Growler

Looking for a place with a large beer selection? We got you. The Growler is on the infamous lower Manhattan’s Stone Street. Known for their extensive craft beer selection, you can’t go wrong getting anything from an IPA to a sour. The bar gives off a rugged yet cozy feel, and on the warmer days, you can sit outside and enjoy a drink in the fresh air. The bar doesn’t only have good beers; they have an excellent menu of cocktails on draft. You will definitely leave feeling refreshed after drinking a pint here and chatting with their cool(and good looking) bartenders.

While We Were Young. Photo Courtesy of While We Were Young
7. While We Were Young

If you are feeling like an influencer and want to go to a bar that matches your mood then run to While We Were Young. This cocktail bar, located in Greenwich Village, is accented with blush pinks and soft colors. The marble tables and floral centerpieces just add to the Instagrammer aesthetic the bar seems to radiate. From the ‘Too Good For You’ to the ‘One Night Stand’, the drinks all have fun names and look so pretty you will feel like they came straight out of unicorn.

Bibi. Photo Courtesy of Manhattan Sideways
8. Bibi

If you’re in the mood for a quaint little aesthetically pleasing wine bar with soft lighting and exposed brick, then look no further. In the heart of bumbling Alphabet City lies Bibi. The wine selection is hard to beat and sits well with the laid-back atmosphere that the bar emanates. The bartenders are talkative and insightful if you choose to sit at the bar, but if you want to just relax with a good book and even better wine, you can sit at one of the small tables scattered around. You will be sure to have a chill night here.

Fresh Salt. Photo Courtesy of DrinkNation
9. Fresh Salt

Just steps away from the East River is Fresh Salt, a South Street Seaport staple. The bartenders are always up for a genuine conversation(ask them about the portrait of Walt Whitman behind the bar), and the cocktails are delicious, if you like spicy drinks get the Salt Gimlet. If you want to treat yourself to a bite to eat, this is a good place to do it, everything from the hummus plates to the pita melts are delicious. The seating allows for a spacious feel, and the dimmed lighting sets the mood for a low key night.

The Black Derby. Photo Courtesy of Manhattan Sideways
10. The Black Derby

The Black Derby is a hidden gem in Manhattan’s West Village. The atmosphere is cozy while the bar is comfortable with an array of different cocktails (we recommend getting the delicious Dark and Stormy), wines and beers to choose from. Of course, they also have specialty cocktails including their eponymous drink, The Black Derby which contains bourbon, molasses and pink grapefruit. The wait staff is super helpful and knowledgeable, if you want to grill them about the different wines. Go here with a friend or stop in alone for a drink, you will be sure to have a good time.

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